Mini Militia Old Version APK Download [2015, 2017]

Today we are going to take a look at the Mini Militia Old Version APK, it is the older version of the popular multiplayer combat game Mini Militia. Most of you who love combat games have already played this game and some of you will be a pro player. People like me enjoy the older version of this game no matter how the graphic was. Hence, I decided to share it with you guys to bring back old memories and charms when we used to play this game with our friends.

You can feel me, right? but you might be thinking how are gonna get the older version if the app has been updated? Don’t worry guys, we share with you the older version of the popular game Doodle Army 2, also known as Mini Militia. Although, the newer has new features, better graphics, and improved game interfaces but it was not able to compete with the original gangster version of the game.

As you know, with the arrival of popular battle royale games way back in 2017 competition was increasing significantly, so after 5+ years the game developers finally decided to update the game, but the major kick was missing on the newer version of the game. When pro players are new to the latest version of the game, they feel that the older version of the game is more interesting, and playing the older version feels very nostalgic.

So people are searching Mini Milita Old version on the internet and we will provide you the download link for this game. So the main purpose of this article is to provide the old version 2017, you can see the download link below to get it and enjoy the ultimate combat game.

What is Mini Militia Old Version APK?

It is basically the older version of the game when the UI and game dynamics were not changed before the update. As players are more familiar and they also like the old version instead of the new version, as demand for the older version has increased we are sharing the APK with you so that you can enjoy the old charm of the game with your friends.

Although the latest version has an updated user interface, design, chests, and rewards, I personally feel that the older version was more exciting, thrilling, and more of a nostalgic experience with friends and the memories that we made with your friends are making us stick to it. We often find it more fun and enjoyable irrespective of how the graphics are and I am sure those who are here are pro players that is why they are searching for it.

Advantages of Mini Militia Old Version APK

Nostalgia factor: As we have seen the reason why you should download the old version is the nostalgic factor, people love the way it was.

Compatibility with older devices: If you have older devices then you might not be able play high-end graphics games but this game allows you to play on older devices as well.

Lesser resource requirements: As we have discussed the compatibility of the older version of Mini Militia consumes less resources thus making your device not loaded with heavy files and game data.

Familiarity for long-time players: Pro Players are more familiar with the older version and have a grasp of the new version and players find the old version more fun and rewards.

Compatibility and System Requirements

SystemAndroid (operating system)
Min VersionAndroid Honeycomb 3.0
Min API Level11
Target VersionAndroid Marshmallow 6.0
Target API Level23
RAM Memory512MB (RAM) at least

These are requirements that are necessary specifications to run the old version of Mini Militia on an Android device. You need to make sure that your newer Android devices are sometimes not able to support it.

Download Mini Militia Old Version APK

Click on the download button to download the Mini Militia Old Version APK file for Android. If you face any problems while downloading, please comment below so that we can help you.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Mini Militia Old Version

What is Mini Militia Old Version?

It is the older version of the game, where the game was more fun, and simple, and unlocked avatar customization, and multiplayer games by default.

Why would I want to use an old version of Mini Militia?

The main purpose of the old version of Mini Militia is that it was a nostalgic experience, allowing you to relive the early days of the game. Some players prefer the simplicity and familiarity of the older versions.

Are old versions compatible with newer devices?

The answer is, it varies. You can check the system requirements of the old version from the above table and ensure it is compatible with your device. Some older versions may not work correctly on the latest operating systems.

Will using an old version affect my device’s performance?

As we told you, older versions are very lightweight and may be suitable for devices with lower specifications. However, using extremely outdated versions can result in stability issues on newer devices.

Can I update an old version to the latest version later?

Yes definitely you can, but we suggest to uninstall the old version first download the latest version from the official app store to get the clean installation of the new game.


Now you know about the Mini Militia Old Version, and how to download and install it, go ahead and install the game, and enjoy the memories with your friends. If you found this article helpful, please share it with others so they can also benefit from it.

It can be very hard to find the older version of Mini Militia because when you search on Google Play Store and App Store, you will not find the old version but we are sharing with you the older version so that you enjoy the OG game.

We appreciate your visit and hope to see you again soon.😉

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